Thursday 31 December 2015

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Hey, a friend invited you to CopyTrans Contacts, the iPhone contacts management tool. Download it now and get total control over your iPhone address book.

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Hey, I am managing my contacts with CopyTrans Contacts now, and it looks pretty cool. Maybe you want to check it out! Features of CopyTrans Contacts

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Here are some features:

  • Export contacts from your iPhone
  • Send them to your PC, no SIM card import-export, no cloud service involved. Backup your address book in universal formats.
save and export iphone contacts
edit iphone contacts on PC
  • Edit your iPhone contacts from your PC
  • Edit your contacts on your PC and apply changes instantly. Edit contacts rapidly and comfortably.
  • Skip complicated synchronizations
  • Get your contacts to and from Yahoo, Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbird and your iPhone, in a few clicks, without losing anything. Export more than 400 contacts, in less than 1 minute.
Contact groups and new contacts

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